dmpq-. Give a brief description of 8 prominent Bodhisattvas mentioned in Buddhist Philosophy.

There are 8 important Bodhisattvas who represent different aspects of Buddha. They are as following:

Avalokitesvara (Buddha’s Compassion)

Avalokiteshwara means one who can see all. He represents infinite compassion and mercy. He is the most popular Bodhisattva of all. He represents the ideal of welfare in which he postpones his own transformation into Buddha to help others.

Manjusri (Buddha’s Wisdom)

The literal meaning of his name is ‘Gentle Glory’. He represents Pragya or transcendental wisdom at a very early age.

Samantabhadra (Buddha’s Aspirations)

The meaning of Samantabhadra is ‘Universal Worthy’ and he is associated with practice and meditation. He made ten vows to fulfil his journey of becoming a Buddha.

Ksitigarbha (Buddha’s Merit)

He is popular as a Buddhist monk in the mostly East Asia. While the name literally means Earth Womb, he is revered as the guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children. He carries a staff.

 Maitreya (Buddha’s Activity)

He is also known as Ajita Boddhisattva. It is believed that he will arrive when people will forget the path of righteousness. He is considered as the successor of Gautam Buddha. In Buddhist traditions, he is revered as someone who will achieve complete enlightenment and will teach dharma to people.

Vajrapani (Buddha’s Power)

He is described as one of the 3 protective deities around Buddha, others are Manjusri and Avlokiteshwara. Vajrapani represents Buddha’s power while Buddha’s wisdom is symbolised by Manjushri, and Avalokiteshwara manifests as Buddha’s compassion.

Sarvanivarana-Vishkambhin (Buddha’s Qualities)

He is invoked to remove or eliminate all the obstacles to insure a successful meditation. Akasagarbha (Buddha’s Blessings): He is boundless as space. He was the twin brother of Ksitigarbha. He manifests as a blessing.


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