DMPQ- Jainism and Buddhism originated during same time but they have some differences. Enumerate the difference between them.


  • Difference regarding conception Moksha: According to Buddhism, a man attains Moksha when he ends all the desires and can attain it while living in the world. But, according to Jainism, Moksha is freedom from miseries and can be attained only after death.
  • Means of attainment of Moksha: According to Buddhist Sangha is proper for attainment of Moksha and they hate self-mortifications and severe penances. Jainism believes in fasts and severest penances.
  • Ahimsa: Though both emphasise the principle of Ahimsa, yet Jainism is more strict in this connection.
  • Soul: Buddhists do not believe in the existence of soul whereas Jainism believes the existence of soul in every living being.
  • Regarding Conduct: Buddhism emphasises the eight noble piths whereas Jainism emphasises Tri Ratna.
  • Language of Religious texts: Most of the Jain texts are in Sanskrit and Prakrit whereas Buddhist text is in Pali.
  • Their connection with Hinduism: Jain religion is nearer to Hinduism whereas Buddhism followed the policy of keeping away from Hinduism.
  • Caste system: Jains opposed it but Buddhism opposed and attacked vehemently.
  • Royal support and patronage: Buddhism received the royal support and patronage of kings like Ashoka and Kanishka. But, Jainism could never receive strong royal support and Patronage.
  • Propagation: Buddhism spread to foreign countries whereas Jainism did not travel outside the boundaries of India


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