DMPQ- Lord William Bentinck was the first governor general of India. He introduced various reforms. Discuss the reforms brought by him.

LW Bentinck is associated with various reforms. He was one of the few Governor generals who tried to bring various reforms in Indian society and the administration. Social reforms initiated by him got a set back after 1857 revolution. The various reforms brought by him are as follows:

Associated with a great many social reforms viz.

  • Abolished sati system
  • Prevented female infanticide Made it an offence
  • Banned human sacrifice
  • Reform in the Hindu Law of Inheritance
  • Suppression of Thugs by colonel Sleemen
  • Adopted policy of non-intervention and only annexed states to end misgovernment.
  • Ended misgovernment in Mysore and put it under lord Cubbon Still Cubbon park at Banglore for his services to Banglore
  • Incorporated financial reforms to cut down expenditure viz.
  • Abolished double bhatta system
  • Reduced salaries as increased by Cornwallis to consolidate finance
  • Abolished provincial courts set up by Cornwallis to cut down expenditure
  • Abolished the office of SP & vested the collector/magistrate with polish powers
  • Introduced Mahalwari system under James Thompson
  • Mainly in Punjab, Delhi & Central provinces
  • whole village community responsible for revenue settlement
  • Introduced local language in lower courts & English in higher courts replacing Persian.
  • Under Macaulay committee, made English official & literary language of India
  • Laid foundation of Calcutta Medical College – 1835
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