DMPQ- What were the aims of Indian National Congress during its initial years.

Formation of Indian National Congress aims and objectives

 Nation building: The first and foremost major objectives of INC were to promote the nation-building process in India. It was to create a national identity of being an Indian among the people and to promote National Unity. This was important because colonial administrators did not consider India as a nation, but just a geographical expression.

 To provide for an all India political platform: It was to allow political workers from all over the country to educate and mobilize masses under a common all India political organization.

 To promote political consciousness and political awakening among the educated citizens and then to all the sections of the society.

 To create a common Pan-India political leadership (or the headquarters of the movement). A national Leadership was the ‘sine qua non’ for the success of the national movement.

 To create and promote anti-colonial ideology among the people. This was essential for the success of national movement against the authoritarian and colonial government.

 To prepare and put forward the popular demand of Indian national congress before the government. This was to ensure the public welfare and also to unify them over these issues.


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