DMPQ: What were the consequences of decline of the Mughal empire?

None of the Indian powers rose to claim the heritage of the Grand Mughals for they were

strong enough to destroy the Empire but not strong enough to unite it or to create anything

new in its place.

They could not create a new social order which could stand up to the new enemy from theWest. All of the powers which were against Mughals were suffering from same weaknesswhich Mughals suffered.

Degenerated state of Mughals invited Europeans to knock at the gates of India.They had the benefit of coming from societies which had evolved a superior economic System and which were more advanced in science and technology.

The centuries-old socio-economic and political structure of the country was replaced by acolonial structure.The stagnation of Indian society was broken and new forces of change emerged.Because the motives of Europeans were colonial, they brought extreme misery, nationaldegradation, economic, political, and cultural backwardness.


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