DMPQ- Write a short note on Eka movement

Eka Movement or Unity Movement is a peasant movement which surfaced in Hardoi, Bahraich and Sitapur during the end of 1921 by Madari Pasi, an offshoot of Non Cooperation Movement. The initial thrust was given by the leaders of Congress and Khilafat movement. The main reason for the movement was high rent, which was generally higher than 50% of recorded rent in some areas. Oppression by thikadhars who were entrusted to collect rent and practice of share rent also contributed to this movement.

The Eka meetings were marked by a religious ritual in which a hole that represented River Ganga was dug in the ground and filled with water, a priest was brought in to preside and assembled peasants vowed that they would pay only recorded rent but pay it on time, would not leave when ejected, would refuse to do forced labour, would give no help to criminals and abide by the Panchayat decisions, they would not pay the revenue without receipt and would remain united under any circumstance. Small zamindars who were disenchanted with British Government due to heavy land revenue demand were also a part of this movement.  Soon the leadership of Movement changed from Congress to Madari Pasi, a low caste leader who was not inclined to accept non-violence. This led the movement losing contact with nationalist class.Because in this the national leader was Mahatma Gandhi and his ideology was based on none violence.  By March 1922, due to severe repression of British the Eka Movement came to an end.

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