DMPQ- Write a short note on Pochampally Ikat.

Pochampally Ikat is a well-known form of saree made in Bhooda Pochampally and surrounding villages in Telangana State, India. these are popular for their traditional geometric patterns with the Ikat style of dyeing. Pochampally Ikat saree is the first traditional Indian craft to receive the status of Geographical Indication (GI) protection. Pochampally village has made it to UNESCO tentative list of world heritage sites under the “iconic saree weaving clusters of India”.

Pochampally Ikat is also known locally as Chitki, Pogudubandhu, and Buddabhashi in the region of Telangana where it is produced, whereas in other parts of India, the handloom design is popularly known as Pochampally. The fabric used is cotton, silk, and sico, which is actually a mix of silk and cotton. Ikat represents a weaving form wherein the warp, weft and even both are tie-dyed before they are weaved to create any designs on the finished fabric.


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