DMPQ:Account for the reasons behind the success of Britishers in India.

The British had firmly established their position by the middle of the nineteenth century and a large part of India came under their direct rule. The areas that remained independent were indirectly under British influence. There are various reasons for the success of the British rule against Indian rulers and some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Absence of centralised and formidable force to counter Britishers. There was vacuum of power. Mughal strength was on decline. The other independent states were not united to pose a formidable resilience.
  2. Technological and military superiority of Britishers. Britishers strong naval power had no answer.
  3. Strategic moves by Britishers like started controlling empire from its boundary. First in south and in Bengal.
  4. Divide and rule policy.
  5. Through trade Britishers were able to amass adequate amount of wealth and army which was later utilised to capture whole of India.
  6. Sporadic success of Hyderali, Tipu sultan was not utilised by other independent states to counter Britishers.
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