DMPQ:During 18885-1905 freedom struggle witnessed Moderate phase. Discuss the contribution of Moderates in freedom struggle.

  • Economic Critique of British Empire: It was perhaps the most important contribution ofthe moderates. RC Dutt, DadabhaiNaroji (Drain Theory). They also exposed the ill effectof foreign capital in India in form of suppression of Indian industries.

 Constitutional Reforms: Indian Councils Act of 1892 was result of their efforts which increased the number of members in Imperial Legislative Council as well as Provincial Legislative Council.

 Efforts for national unit: To unite India politically, Congress sessions were held in different cities every year and initially president would have been from a city other than the hosting city.

 A truly representative body: It has representation from all parts of India, from all castesand religions. Its early presidents included – Muslims, Hindus, Parsis and even Britishers.

 Administrative Reforms: Indianisation of higher civil services

 Defence of Civil rights: They vouched for freedom of press, freedom of speech etc.

 They also opposed aggressive foreign policy towards India’s neighbors.

 Formed public opinion and aroused nationalism.

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