The Group of Seven (G7) is an international intergovernmental economic organization consisting of the seven largest IMF- described advanced economies in the world.

The G7, originally G8, was set up in 1975 as an informal forum bringing together the leaders of the world’s leading industrial nations.

The summit gathers leaders from the European Union (EU) and the following countries:

1)         Canada

2)         France

3)         Germany

4)         Italy

5)         Japan

6)         The United Kingdom

7)         The United States

India is not a member of the group but French President Emmanuel Macron, the host of the G7 summit held in Biarritz in August 2019, invited non-member countries who are playing an important part in world politics. The invited guest nations include India, Australia, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Senegal, Egypt, Iran and Rwanda.

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