DMPQ- India-US ties are strategically important in contemporary world.Evaluate. Mention the key points of US-India 2020 Summit.

The global pandemic has impacted everyone and that it is testing our resilience, our public health systems, our economic systems.
The current situation demands a fresh mind set. A mind set where the approach to development is human centric. Where there is a spirit of cooperation between everyone
India is becoming a leading attractions for Foreign Investment;
India received over 20 Billion Dollars of Foreign Investment this year
India offers affordability of geography, reliability and political stability
India offers transparent and predictable tax regime; encourages & supports honest tax payers
India being made one of the lowest tax destinations in the World with further incentive for new manufacturing units
There have been far reaching reforms in recent times which have made the business easier and red-tapism lesser
India is full of opportunities both public & private sector

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