DMPQ- Terrorists organizations like ISIS are using lone wolf attacks. What do you understand by ‘lone wolf attacks’? What threat does this pose to India?

. There have been a series of lone wolf terrorist strikes across the world. From 2014 Sydney hostage crisis to Paris knife attack  are among the prominent incidents.

A lone wolf attack is undertaken by a very small group or an individual in support of a larger cause, but without the overall supervision or support of a terrorist organisation. The potential for such attacks in various parts of the world is evident from the call given by the Islamic State (IS) encouraging its supporters and sympathisers, who are not formally enlisted cadres, to undertake lone wolf strikes. India has remained free of the phenomenon until now. This situation could, however, change as is indicated by some distinct shifts in the nature of the terrorist challenge confronting the country.

Lone wolf attacks in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia have been carried out either by an individual or by a couple of terrorists with access to explosives, light weapons and ammunition. Lone wolves tend to strike at a place associated with their personal frustration, like a school, college, or a mall. Attacks may also result from their larger disillusionment or anger with society, which is fuelled by a radical ideology that encourages the use of violence to rid the world of its ills or seek revenge for the perceived injustice towards people of a certain religion.

The IS has attempted to exploit the chasms in society as a result of perceived religious persecution. This is accompanied by articulate, strong, reasoned and clear messages which draw the youth away from the chaos and inherent fragility of modern societies. While India has not experienced a lone wolf terrorist strike, there have been cases of recruitment for propagating the IS ideology and participating in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

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