DMPQ- What are the causes of pro democracy protests in Thailand? Also analyze the way forward for democracy in the country.

Thousands of young people in Thailand are defying the authorities by gathering in the streets and calling for change in some of the biggest pro-democracy protests the country has seen in years. An emergency decree banning such rallies was issued by the government in an attempt to clamp down on the largely peaceful demonstrations that have also targeted the monarchy. Despite this, the student-led democracy movement continues to march, leading to numerous arrests.

The growing pro-democracy movement has been calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha – the former army chief who seized power in a 2014 coup and was later appointed as premier after controversial elections last year. Disillusioned by years of military rule, protesters are demanding amendments to the constitution, a new election and an end to the harassment of rights activists and state critics. They are also calling for curbs on the king’s powers -a demand that has led to unprecedented public discussion of an institution long shielded from criticism by law.

The movement’s ability to continue to amass the large-scale rallies seen in recent months will be difficult following the crackdown on public gatherings, especially with some high profile campaigners detained outside Bangkok. However, at least one student leader has vowed that the demonstrations will continue. In footage shared widely on social media, Ms Panusaya said the government's emergency measures should be ignored.

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