DMPQ- Write a short note on INDIAN Technical and economic cooperation Programme.

Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme

The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) was launched by Government of India on 15th September 1964 as a programme of bilateral cooperation and technical assistance. Presently 158 countries in Asia, East Europe (including former USSR), Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as Pacific and Small Island countries are invited to share in the Indian developmental experience in various fields. North Korea became India’s ITEC partner in 1993.

The ITEC assistance is granted under the following four categories:-

(i)         Training in diverse fields in Indian institutions.

(ii)        Projects and project-related assistance from India such as supply of equipment, consultancy services and feasibility studies.

(iii)       Deputation of Indian experts in various fields.

(iv)       Study visits of senior officials/decision makers from the partner countries to India.

India possesses a rich experience in the field of economic development as well as manpower skills and technologies suited to the requirements of developing countries. ITEC is one of the vehicles for the sharing of this experience with India’s friends. The ITEC Programme is fully-funded by the Government of India: The expenses on training under ITEC Programme, i.e. tuition fees, living allowances, study tours, emergency medical assistance as well as return international air fares are borne by the Government of India.

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