DMPQ- West Asia holds a complimentary value for India . Comment

West Asia is an important region in terms of energy security, investment, maintenance of law order and overall economic development of sub continent. The complimentary value can be quantified as:

West Asia absorb much of India`s cheap labor. Around 7 million Indian works in WestAsia. It provide with huge amount of remittance. India has highest recipient ofremittances at $69 billion (World Bank). West Asia, an energy surplus region provides a natural partner for energy deficit countrylike India.

West Asia has concern for maritime security and India adopted with Net Securityprovider in the Indian Ocean region.West Asia is moving away from oil economy to service sector based economy. India already has good command over service sector.

West Asia has geopolitical concern like shia-sunni, Arab-Israel and various non-stateactors’ presence. While India with historic linkage and clean image can


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