DMPQ-Criminalisation of Politics in a mature democracy is sad state of affair. Discuss the reasons for rise in Criminalisation of Politics in India and also give solution to address the issue.

There has been increase in the MP’s with criminal cases in the last 20 years. Currently 43% of the MP’s are with Criminal background and it is not good for Political ecosystem and governance is the ultimate sufferer. The major reasons for rise in Criminalisation of Politics are:

  • Use od money power and opaqueness in funding. Electoral bonds has increased secrecy in funding.
  • Lowering down of morality in Indian society which is reflected in Politics too.
  • Lack of will from political parties to implement laws and judgements to give impetus to electoral reforms.
  • Parties resorting to any means to attain power and after getting in power indulge in self-aggrandisement.
  • Communalism , Casteism, Regionalism, Sectarianism leads to fissiparous tendencies and this issues gets priority as election issue rather than Modernisation and development.
  • Loss of trust among voters. Nearly 30 Crore people doesn’t participate in elections which can change the scenario if shows participation.



  • Civil societies, NGO’s need to make Indians Politically more educated. Information has to made accessible so that voters can make informed choice.
  • Implementation of Law commission reports, SC judgements in letter and spirit.
  • Need of bringing transparency in campaign financing.
  • Political parties need to be under RTI.
  • ECI shall be equipped to audit the financial reports of Political parties.
  • Broader governance will have to improve for voters to reduce the reliance on criminal politicians.



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