DMPQ-Do you think one nation one voter ID is the need of the hour?

Around 90 Cr people are eligible voters but only 67% of people participate in the most celebrated democratic exercise. But still near about 27 Crore do not cast their vote. As per a survey, 10 crore People did not want to cast their vote. So still near about 17cr voters failed to cast their vote. So there is a need to have one nation one ID card. Further out of 3cr NRI’s only 1 lakh are registered  voters.

Most of  the dis franchise migrants are from lower strata of society and vote is the only voice through which they can act as Pressure groups.

More Participation will ensure more robust democracy.

It will increase accountability and will improve governance.

Now One nation one voter ID can be possibility as Aadhar based ID linkage is can be done.


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