DMPQ- DPSP are non justiciable but still they possess paramount utility. comment

DPSP are enshrined in part IV of the constitution and they are constitutional direction to achieve social and economic democracy in India. They are akin to instrument of instruction and are fundamental to the governance of the country. They have paramount utility as:

  1. They act as a source of benchmark to judge the performance of the government of the day.
  2. They are fundamental to the governance as it is mentioned in article 37 of the constitution.
  3. Dr BR Ambedkar rightly said no popular government can overlook the provisions of the DPSP as they are useful to achieve social and economic democracy. And According to him political democracy is waste until accompanied by social and political democracy.
  4. They bring sustainability in the policies of the government.
  5. They are utilised by Courts to upheld the constitutional validity of the law and the reasonableness.
  6. They help to amplify Preamble and to achieve the objective of Preamble.
  7. They act as a common manifesto for all the political parties.

It is rightly said that fully implementation of DPSP will make our country heaven on earth. We as a society shall strive towards achieving the objectives of the directives of DPSP.


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