DMPQ- Mention the activities of charitable organizations in India.

Some form of activities of charitable organizations include:

  • Advocacy – Charitable organisations working on advocacy or campaigning on issues or causes and they do not implement programs.
  • Consultancy / Research Organizations – Charitable organisation working on social and development research as well as consultancy.
  • Training / Capacity Building Organizations – Charitable organisation helping other charity organizations by training & capacity building.
  • Networking Organizations – Charitable organisations providing networking opportunities in a specific field.
  • Mother NGOs – These charitable organisations have a work focus, but instead of implementing projects, they identify projects and monitor, evaluate and build capacities of participating NGOs.
  • Grass root Organizations -Charitable organisations working directly with the community
  • City Based Organizations – These Charitable organisations restrict their focus to cities.
  • National Organizations – Charitable organisations with national presence.
  • Self Help Groups – Formed by beneficiary communities, typically women who come together in a group of 10 plus.
  • Religious NGOs
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