DMPQ: State public service commission are not at par with the union public service commission. Discuss

State public service commission are dealt by the same set of the articles i.e. from art 315 to 323. The SPSC is the highest recruiting agency in state. It is an independent constitution body. But the SPSC have not been able to do justice with them, the reason are as follows:

Perceived corruption: Among the masses there is popular perception that SPSC are house of corruption. There is trust deficit. Regular cheating cases and leak of question papers have cast a doubt on the capabilities of SPSC.

Quality of membership: As there are no prescribed qualification of membership. There are sometimes politicisation of the membership. It lowers the standard of the membership.

Attitude of state government: State government do not respect the autonomy of the SPSC. They generally treat them as their own state department.

SPSC’s lack of innovation in the recruitment is also one of the reason. The SPSC generally follows UPSC blindly. By doing this it destroy its own dynamicity.


Way forward:

Follow ARC recommendation

  • At least one member of SPSC should be from outside SPSC.
  • Atleast 2/3rd of UPSC member should be drawn from amongst SPSC chairpersons
  • Member selected from amongst government official should have held post of HOD or secretary to the state government or a comparable position at the centre.
  • Non official member should have experience of atleast 10 years in any of the recognised profession eg journalism, media, law , management etc.
  • Chairpersons of UPSC and SPSC must be consulted before appointing SPSC members.


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