DMPQ- The mind of the makers of the constitution of India is reflected in the Preamble to the Constitution. Comment

Preamble refers to the introduction or preface to the constitution. It contains summary or the essence to the constitution. The preamble is based on the objective resolution drafted and moved by Nehru. In our constitution, it is borrowed from US constitution. It is also called as the key to open the mind of framers of constitution.


The significance of the preamble is as follows:


  • The preamble embodies the basic philosophy and fundamental values on which the constitution is based
  • It contains the grand and noble vision of the constitution assembly
  • It reflects the dreams and aspirations of the founding father of the constitution
  • It reveals the source of the authority of the constitution i.e. the people of India in the opening words of it.
  • It tells the nature of Indian state as sovereign, socialist, secular, republic and democratic polity.
  • It specifies the objective of the constitution as justice, liberty, equality and fraternity to its people
  • It is also important in understanding the ambiguous provision of the constitution.
  • It helps the common man understand what our constitution is about, given the simple language, unlike the constitution itself which is tough to understand
  • It helps the supreme court in making judgements regarding whether a particular provision/legislation is in line with the spirit of the constitution


Hence it can be concluded that mind of the makers is reflected in the Preamble of the constitution. Pandit Thakur Das Bhargava, a member of constitution assembly, was very right when he summed up the importance of the Preamble in following words – “The preamble is most precious part of the constitution. It is the proper yardstick with which can measure the worth of the constitution.”

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