DMPQ- What is Resolution and How it is different from Motion?

All resolutions come in the category of substantive motions, that is, every resolution is a particular type of motion. All motions need not necessarily be substantive. Further, all motions are not necessarily put to vote of the House, whereas all the resolutions are required to be voted upon. The members can move resolutions to draw the attention of the House or the government to matters of general public interest.

               Resolutions are classified into three categories:

o             Private Member’s Resolution: It is one that is moved by a private member (other than a minister). It is discussed only on alternate Fridays and in the afternoon sitting.

o             Government Resolution: It is one that is moved by a minister. It can be taken up any day from Monday to Thursday.

  • Statutory Resolution: It can be moved either by a private member or a minister. It is so-called because it is always tabled in pursuance of a provision in the Constitution or an Act of Parliament.


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