dmpq-. Write a short note on the doctrine of Basic structure.

. Indian Constitution is a dynamic document that can be amended according to the needs of society whenever required. Constitution under Article 368 grants power to the Parliament to amend whenever there is a necessity.

The doctrine of basic structure is nothing but a judicial innovation to ensure that the power of amendment is not misused by Parliament. The idea is that the basic features of the Constitution of India should not be altered to an extent that the identity of the Constitution is lost in the process.

Indian Constitution upholds certain principles which are the governing rules for the Parliament, any amendment cannot change these principles and this is what the doctrine of basic structure upholds. The doctrine as we have today was not present always but over the years it has been propounded and upheld by the judicial officers of this country.

Today there is no dispute regarding the existence of the doctrine, the only problem that arises time and again is the contents of the same.

Certain contents have been reaffirmed again and again by the Courts whereas some of them are still in the process of deliberations.  The basic structure doctrine grants the fine balance between flexibility and rigidity that should be present in the amending powers of any Constitution.


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