DMPQ- Write short note on PRAGATI.

  1. PRAGATI is an information and communications technology-based platform for, as the name reveals, pro-active governance and timely implementation.

    It was launched in 2015.

    It is an interactive and integrated platform chiefly for addressing the grievances of the common man, while at the same time, monitoring government projects and programmes/schemes.

    The platform was designed by the PMO in coordination with the National Informatics Centre.

    The chief aims of PRAGATI platform:

    Project implementation

    Project monitoring

    Grievance redressal

    The platform combines three technologies namely,

    Digital data management

    Video conferencing

    Geo-spatial technology

    The platform also brings together the different secretaries of the GOI and the States’ Chief Secretaries, along with the Prime Minister.

    The PM discusses the issues related to the projects and is also presented with the ground-level situation.

    PRAGATI Features

    The major features of this platform are described below.

    The system is a 3-tier system comprising of:
    2. Secretaries of the GOI
    3. State Chief Secretaries

    The PM will hold monthly interactions with the secretaries and Chief Secretaries via this platform. The interactions will take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The day will be called ‘PRAGATI Day’.

    The issues that will be discussed are picked out from the databases related to ongoing programmes of the government, pending projects and public grievances.

    The issues will take into account the various letters written to the PM by the common man, and other people.

    The PM is able to see on screen the issues and the latest updates on them.



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