DMPQ:Constitution of India was finalised in Constituent assembly but its seed were sown during freedom struggle. Comment

Most of the features were inspired from the freedom struggle and their demands were put forth by the freedom fighters during national movement.  These demands were incorporated by the Constituent assembly after due deliberations.

Features shaped by Indian Leaders during freedom struggle:

  • Fundamental Rights: Nehru report gave 19 fundamental rights.
  • Citizenship: Single citizenship also from Nehru report.
  • Welfare state: Karachi session resolution in the form of economic planning.
  • Portfolio system and cabinet form of government: From British parliament and various acts like 1861 etc.
  • Civil services: Indian civil services already existed which was later renamed as Indian

Administrative Services.

  • Residuary power: Governor-general had residuary power and now it rests with the

union government.

  • Legislature: Bicameralism, legislative procedures were formed during various acts fromCharter act of 1853, Council act of 1861 to 1892.
  • Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (French Revolution): Socialist presence withincongress inspired by Soviet revolution.


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