What are the reasons for lowering of Parliamentary standards in India?

Parliament is a law making body and deliberation house. But over the period of time the standards of debates have decreased and law after getting out of parliament is under judicial scrutiny is a common affair. The reasons for the lowering of parliamentary standards are as:
The ethical standards of legislators have declined at the same time that of the society. Politicians are just the reflection of the society. Concern for the country and the sense of responsibility is declining day by day.
Reduced number of days of sitting often causes insufficient time allocation for many sensitive and worthy issues.
Controversial actions by ruling party – ordinances, redefining bills as money bills –too invoke ire of opposition.
31% of MPs in current Lok Sabha are from criminal background such leaders erodes the moral authority of the parliament.
Frequent elections motivate parties to do unjustified criticism on the floor.
Lack of subject expertise to parliamentarians resulting in delegated legislation and bureaucratization.
Anti-defection and order of whip are preventing from free discussions.
Misuse of parliamentary privileges.

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