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Andhra Pradesh


  • Andhra Pradesh government to rope in expert agencies to better infrastructure


  • In view of poor growth rate in urban areas, which is a just 2 per cent, the government has decided to rope in expert agencies to improve basic infrastructure in towns and cities.


  • According to concerned ministry,The development in urban areas should be according to the integrated model. The development should take stress off the people, particularly those coming from rural areas. We need to provide basic infrastructure in a systematic and planned way so that the expansion of the urban areas would be similar in all corners of the town.



  • Andhra Pradesh ‘Abhaya’ first to draw on Nirbhaya Fund


  • Andhra Pradesh has become the first state in the country to get support for a women’s safety scheme under the Nirbhaya Fund established by the Union government.


  • The scheme, which is known as Abhaya, is envisaged to provide safety to women on road. As part of the scheme, autorickshaws in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam will be fitted with devices enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). This gives more accurate information on location of vehicle and by pressing a simple button on their mobile, women can directly send alerts to police on their command control system.


  • At present, both the cities have about 50,000 autos. Of them, only about 15,000 are registered. As IoT is more updated than regular GPS system, the officials have chosen this method and explained to the selection committee for sponsoring the projects under the Nirbhaya fund various schemes. This is possible through ‘share my route’ application.


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