Challenges of National Integration

National integration has been a very serious and prominent challenge in all the developing countries including India. For a proper analysis of the concept of national integration it is necessary to know the meaning of certain concepts. The first and foremost concept is the term integration itself which may be defined as “a process of becoming whole.”  In other words, “an integrated whole is one in which all structural aspects and parts, fit together with at least some minimal amount of unity or mutual compatibility.”  Furthermore, “integration is the name for the state of relationship between parts of the system.”  It “has to do with the interrelations of units.”  Thus, “an integrated society is one in which established institutions and rights and values associated with them are generally accepted.”  These definitions generally present the static character of integration with its main focus at maintenance of the system. But in reality while concerned with the process of becoming whole, integration is also directed towards an orderly change within the system.

Various Challenges to National Integration are:-

The term national integration tends to be obscure in the light of varying definitions of nation and nationalism. The minimum requisite for nationhood is considered to be the people living in a compact geographical area with general cultural unity. They form a nation by accepting a particular political order and forming a state. Language, race, religion and history are additional factors which generally strengthen the bond of nationhood. According to J. P. Narayan  nationhood is made up of tangible and intangible elements, the latter constituting much the larger part of it.

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