DMPQ- . Discuss the changes brought by new space com policy 2020 .

The objective of the policy is, to quote, “at meeting the growing demands on satellite communication requirements, promotion of space based communication activities by industry, advancements in the relevant indigenous technologies for self-sustenance and protection of space assets needed for the country”. The norms classify upstream SATCOM activities viz., launch and operation of Satellite communication satellites and systems into two categories for the purposes of regulation, one involving usage of Geostationary Orbits and the other involving usage of Non-Geo Stationary Orbits.

  • Any communication service within the Indian territory from space can be carried out only with an authorized space asset.
  • Only Indian entities are eligible for obtaining space asset authorization.
  • As per the draft policy, any Indian entity can seek authorization for use of space asset for communication within Indian territory.
  • This authorization addresses use of Indian orbital resource, non-Indian orbital resource, use of owned or leased space asset.
  • The draft policy also proposes to allow Indian companies to establish ground system within Indian territory for monitoring and controlling space asset.


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