DMPQ- .How space technology is playing important role in India’s socio-economic development.

Space technology is not just about space exploration but it has huge role to play in socio-economic field.

  • Socio-Economic development through application of space technology: Survey of various mineral and natural resources have been made possible through remote sensing.
  • Management of these resources, their development conservation and formulation of various policies are affectively done with the use of information derived through remote sensing.
  • Various meteorological services including information about monsoon, climate flood, cyclonic activities etc are provided through the technologies.
  • It has developed communication technology in India.
  • They have proved very useful in spread of education. Even in remote areas, the expertise educations have been made possible through the talk back channels of INSAT-3D satellite.
  • They have helped in environment conservation programmes estimation of agricultural production and water resources information’s.
  • Green revolution had been made possible through this technology.
  • The concept of “Gramsat” satellites have emerged to provide the basic requirements of villages.
  • Apart from these various uses, the space programme has helped in social cultural and scientific consolidation and harmony.


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