DMPQ- In the wake of COVID-19, failure of world leaders and institution is blatantly visible. Comment

Virus is a biological pandemic and it does not know the political boundary and in the era of globalisation it is a dauting task to control such pandemic without having coordinated global action which is still missing.

Every nation is on protectionist mode and taking action without reporting to global agencies. WHO failed to create a early warning and the situation has become out of control in some parts of the globe. With their own national challenges, world leaders do not appear inclined to view the pandemic as a common enemy against mankind. US is blaming CHINA for the virus and terming it as Chinese virus. US banned the international flights from Europe without informing them. Such actions are untimely and are not justified. The Problem demands united front against the common problem.

Such approach is not unusual as for the last 3yrs, world has witnessed Nation states turning inwards and deglobalisation is usual affair. US has been pioneer and has moved out of climate deal is apt example of this. The need of the hour is to learn from the experience of China, S. Korea, Singapore and how they were able to contain the COVID-19. Time is perfect to fight for humanity as later is in danger.


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