DMPQ: What is Li-fi technology? List down its application

Light fidelity(Li-Fi) is a revolutionary new technology that transmit high speed data using lights. It is perceived to be 100 times faster than Wifi technology which is based on radio wave communication.

Potential application:

  • Mobile connectivity: Increase in the mobile connectivity. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can interconnect directly using Li-Fi. Short range links give very high data rates and also provides security.
  • Underwater communication: RF use is impractical in underwater communication. Lifi can address this problem
  • Radio frequency spectrum relief: Excess capacity demands of cellular networks can be off loaded to Li-fi networks where available.
  • Smart lighting: Any private or public lighting including street lamps can be used to provide Li-Fi hotspot and the same communication and sensor infrastructure can be used to monitor and control lightning and data.
  • Transportation : LED lights and tail lights are being introduced . This can be used as effective mode of communication between vehicles to vehicle and vehicle to roadside.
  • Hospital and healthcare: No electromagnetic interference hence can be used in hospitals.


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