DMPQ:Gender Inequality is a concern for us as a society. Suggest ways to increase the gender equality

The ways through which gender equality can be increased are:


  • Involving women and girls in decision making process in programmes at grassroots level such as designing ways to implement MDGs, forming SHGs, talking about sex education etc.
  • A simple gesture of girls using mobile phones increases their confidence.
  • Stopping child marriages and strict action against sexual harassment cases and sexual offenders will make them empowered.
  • Education should be incentivised for girls so that they are encouraged. On the other hand, educating and empowering mothers too in making choices about their children reduces gender gap.
  • Political empowerment through village panchayats and other level of politics.
  • Supporting women in non-traditional jobs like mechanics, driving, hospitality, mobile-phone fixing etc. will not only making long-lasting change in their lives but also help break social taboos.

Men and women should be encouraged to work together. Women entrepreneurs should be provided incentives for their decision making power, risk taking abilities and generating employment opportunities.

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