DMPQ: Inadequate implementation of Constitutional safeguards is one   of the reason for Tribal Unrest? Discuss.

  • Inadequate implementation of © safeguards
  • Tussle btw © provision of governor has been given power to exclude the application of any law of part thereof made by the Parliament or the state legislature Vs 163 ( aid n advice of COM)
  • Art 339(2) and Para 3 of V sched. Give extensive power to state for implementation of policies and scheme.( Centre can issue direction) ——No directives till date
  • Art 275(1) – financial provision to meet the cost of schemes and policies….no such directives
  • Failure of persuasive approach from centre….
  • Failure of V sched. Provisions ; wasy transfer of land to moneylender; prescribed min. wages not adopted; condition of migrant tribal labour not good.
  • Tribal sub plan- failure ; lack of orientation of administrative machinery
  • Assistance given is very less to lift a family above poverty line.
  • Poor representation in services and posts: Group A and B—less < 2%, Group C and D- < 5%
  • Development process_— Non tribal influx——grabbing of jobs and opportunities—–Tribal majority turns into minority


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