DMPQ: Write a short note on the office of whip.

The concept of the whip was inherited from colonial British rule. It is used in parliamentary parlance often for floor management by political parties in the legislature. A whip is a written order that political party issue to its members for being present for an important vote, or that they vote only in a particular … Read more

DMPQ-Write short note on the Amravati school of art.

Amaravati School represents the evolution of uniquely beautiful regional art style based on a thriving commercial and imperial system. The Amravati Stupas began about the time of Christ but the perfection of form and proportion seen in the middle phase of Amaravati as well as some of the themes continued to influence art at Nagarjuankonda … Read more

DMPQ-The ways chosen by mahatma Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar were different for empowering the Scheduled class and lower strata of society. Comment

While Gandhi and Ambedkar hold similar standpoints on the relation between religious orderings of the world and shapes of social existence, they sharply diverge, on certain occasions, regarding the question of what the crucial terms ‘caste’ and varņa refer to, so that they often seem to be talking past each other. Gandhi sought to cut … Read more

DMPQ- Indian native elements when mingled with the Persian elements led to emergence of new elements. Comment on the statement with special reference to Indo- Islamic architecture.

  Indo-Islamic architecture begins with the Ghurid occupation of India at the close of the 12 century A.D. The Muslims having inherited a wealth of varied designs from Sassanian and Byzantine empires and being naturally endowed with good taste for buildings, never failed to adapt to their own requirements the indigenous architecture of almost every … Read more

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