Role of Christian Missionaries in Andhra Pradesh

Role of Christian Missionaries in Andhra Pradesh It was in A.D. 52 that St. Thomas introduced Christianity in Kerala in South India. However, Christianity was limited to the South West Coast of India, i.e., within the boundaries of Kerala State only until the arrival of the Portuguese in India in 1498 and later by East … Read more

European Trade Establishments in Andhra Pradesh

European Trade Establishments in Andhra Pradesh The fall of Constantinople at the hands of Turks and the blockade of sea route to India encouraged European adventures to embark upon exploits on water in threading their way to Indian . The excitement, India continued to create among European merchants and nations further added strength to geographical … Read more

Growth Of Buddhism In Andhra Pradesh

Growth Of Buddhism In Andhra Pradesh The influence of Buddhism is subtle but deep-rooted in the land of Andhra. Dating to the pre-Christian era, Andhra Pradesh has some of the most fascinating archaeological monuments that tell the story of Buddhism in the region and the legacy it left behind.    As Buddhist monks walked the … Read more

Asafjahi Dynasty

Andhra Pradesh- Ashafjahi Dynasty Asaf Jahi Dynasty and seven generations of the family ruled the Deccan for 224 years upto 1948. During this period several buildings of archaeological and public importance were built. Notable among them are: Purani Haveli, Chow Mahalla Palace, Osmania University, Jubilee Hall, Assembly Building, Asifia Library, Osmania Hospital, High Court, and … Read more


Rashtrakutas The Rashtrakutas called themselves descendants of one named Satyaki. But there is difference of opinion about their origin among the historians. According to some they were originally of Dravidian peasant extraction. From some of the inscriptions of the Chalukya kings it is known that the Rashtrakutas were feudatories of the Chalukyas. Perhaps their original … Read more


 Vijayanagara empire and their contribution to art, literature and culture –  socio-economic conditions, administration, fall of Vijayanagar empire  The Vijayanagara Empire, an important South Indian empire was founded by Harihara Raya I and his brother Bukka Raya I. The capital of the empire was Vijayanagara, present days Hampi in Karnataka. The empire ruled from 1336 … Read more


Satvahanas After the fall of the Mauryan Empire, the history of the Andhras, as a continuous account of political and cultural events, commences with the rise of the Satavahanas as a political power. According to Matsya Purana there were 29 rulers of this dynasty. They ruled over the Andhradesa including Deccan for about 400 years … Read more

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