Inputs Of Agriculture

 Seed Seed is technically defined as ripened ovule containing embryo. Another definition says that the seed is a living embryo which is vital and basic input for attaining sustained growth in agricultural production in different agro-climatic conditions. The embryo in the seed remains almost suspended for sometimes and then revives to new development.  Seed … Read more Inputs Of Agriculture

Socio Cultural Awekning In Telangana

 Socio-cultural awakening in Telangana Adi-Hindu Movement As this emerging, partly-educated Dalit middle class began to enter social life, the radicalization among Dalits throughout south India brought with it identification with the ‘adi’ ideology. It was Bhagyareddy Varma himself who presided over the momentous conference at Vijayawada in 1913 when the ‘Panchama’ identity was rejected … Read more Socio Cultural Awekning In Telangana