Agriculture Development in Andhra Pradesh: Contribution to SGDP, changing cropping pattern and Government schemes to promote agriculture in Andhra Pradesh

Agriculture Development in Andhra Pradesh: Contribution to SGDP, changing cropping pattern and Government schemes to promote agriculture in Andhra Pradesh The State of A.P, basically being Agro-Based economy, Agriculture & Allied sectors contribute more than 29% of the GSDP as against 17% in All India GDP. 10 major crops occupies 80% of the gross cropped … Read more

Geographical location of Andhra pradesh

Geographical location of Andhra pradesh:- Introduction:- This is one of the south Indian states and is positioned in the coastal area towards the south eastern part of the country. Because of its location in the merging area of the Deccan plateau and the coastal plains, the state has got varied physical features. Being ruled by … Read more

Climate of Andhra Pradesh

Climate of Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh is situated on the south eastern coast of India and is the eighth largest state in India. Hyderabad is the capital of both Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana but it remains the de jure capital for Andhra Pradesh. The state is planning to make Amravati its new capital. … Read more

Irrigation and Hydropower Projects of Andhra Pradesh

Irrigation and Hydropower Projects of Andhra Pradesh Geographically, Andhra Pradesh is in peninsular India consisting of coastal belt on the east and Rayalaseema in the south-west. Therefore, Andhra Pradesh has the advantage of having most of the east flowing rivers in the state bringing in copious supplies from the Western and Eastern Ghats and up … Read more

Soils of Andhra Pradesh

  The State is endowed with a wide variety of soils having less fertile coastal sands to highly fertile and productive deltaic alluviums of major river basins developed from different parent materials. The major soil groups are red and laterite, black, alluvial and coastal soils occupying 66, 25, 5 and 3 per cent of the … Read more

Andhra Pradesh: Wildlife and Ecotourism

  Wildlife of Andhra Pradesh is very rich and the various sanctuaries and national parks protect it. These are good source of ecotourism in the Andhra Pradesh. Ecotourism have potential in Andhra Pradesh due to various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. National parks of Andhra Pradesh S. No. Name of National Park State Total Area (In … Read more

Andhra Pradesh:Transport

  Andhra Pradesh is well connected to other states with road, rail. It is also connected to other countries by means airways and seaports as well. With a long seacoast along the Bay of Bengal, it also has many ports for sea trade. The state has one of the largest railway junctions at Vijayawada and … Read more

Andhra Pradesh: Relief and Structure

Andhra Pradesh has varied topography. It varies from the hills of Eastern Ghats and Nallamala Hills to the shores of Bay of Bengal.     Fig: Andhra Pradesh-Political Map Two main river of Andhra Pradesh;Krishna and Godavari, flows through the state. The state has two regions Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. The plains to the east … Read more

Andhra Pradesh: Minerals

  Andhra Pradesh is very rich in terms of minerals availability. Andhra Pradesh is first in production of below minerals in India: Asbestos Limestone Mica Barytes   Now we will see status of Andhra Pradesh in various minerals Mica: Andhra Pradesh is the largest mica producing state of India.The mica mining area lies in Nellore … Read more

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