Mains Test Series

Mains Tests and Notes Program is a guidance program with 20 mock mains tests for Mains Exam and detailed topicwise notes for Mains Exam.

List of the Mains Paper Modules included in Mains Program are:-

Paper II A (History)
Paper II B (Andhra Pradesh History)
Paper II C (Indian and Andhra Pradesh Geography)
Paper III A(Indian Polity) and Paper III B(Public Administration)
Paper III C(Ethics in Public Administration)
Paper IV A(Economy) and Paper IV B(Andhra Pradesh Economy)
Paper V (Science and Technology)
Details of the Tests are as follows:-

DMPQ Question list

Test 1 General Studies 2 History 16-10-2019
Test 2 General Studies 2 Andhra Pradesh History 19-10-2019
Test 3 General Studies 2 Indian and Andhra Pradesh Geography 22-10-2019
Test 4 General Studies 3 Polity 25-10-2019
Test 5 General Studies 3 Public Administration 28-10-2019
Test 6 General Studies 3 Ethics 31-10-2019
Test 7 General Studies 4 Economy 03-11-2019
Test 8 General Studies 4 Andhra Pradesh Economy 06-11-2019
Test 9 General Studies 5 Science and Technology 09-11-2019
Test 10 Complete GS-2 Full Syllabus 12-11-2019
Test 11 Complete GS-3 Full Syllabus 15-11-2019
Test 12 Complete GS-4 Full Syllabus 18-11-2019
Test 13 Complete GS-5 Full Syllabus 21-11-2019
Test 14 Complete GS-2 Full Syllabus 24-11-2019
Test 15 Complete GS-3 Full Syllabus 27-11-2019
Test 16 Complete GS-4 Full Syllabus 30-11-2019
Test 17 Complete GS-5 Full Syllabus 03-12-2019
Test 18 Complete GS-2 Full Syllabus 06-12-2019
Test 19 Complete GS-3 Full Syllabus 07-12-2019
Test 20 Complete GS-4 Full Syllabus 08-12-2019
Test 21 Complete GS-5 Full Syllabus 09-12-2019

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