APPSC Group I Mains Revised Paper — IV — Economy And Development Of India And Andhra Pradesh

Following are the detailed topicwise notes for APPSC Group I Mains Revised Paper — IV — Economy And Development Of India And Andhra Pradesh

1) Major Challenges of Indian Economy – Inconsistent growth rate, Low growth rates of agriculture and manufacturing sectors, inflation and oil prices, current account deficit and unfavorable balance of payments, falling  rupee value, growing NPAs and capital infusionmoney laundering and black money –  Insufficient financial  resources and deficiency of  capital, Lack of Inclusive growth and Sustainable development   – Nature, causes, consequences and solutions of these problems


2)  Resource Mobilization in Indian Economy: Sources of financial resources for public and private sectors – budgetary resources – tax revenue and  non-tax revenuepublic  debt : market borrowings, loans and grants etc.external debt from multilateral agencies – foreign institutional investment and foreign direct investment desirability and consequences of utilizing different sources Monetary and fiscal policies financial markets  and institutions of developmental financeinvestment in industries and infrastructure projects –  Physical resourcesEnergy resources

3)  Resource mobilization in Andhra Pradesh – Budgetary resources and constraints – Fulfillment of the conditions of A.P Bifurcation Act – central assistance and issues of conflict – public debt and projects of external assistance  – Physical resources – Mineral and forest resources – Water disputes with neighboring states


4)  Government Budgeting: Structure of Government budget and its components –Budgeting process and recent changes – of – Types of budget – types of deficits, their impact and managementHighlights of current year’s union budget and its analysisGST and related issuesCentral assistance to states – Issues  of federal finance  in IndiaRecommendations of the latest finance commission

5)  Government budgeting in Andhra Pradesh – Budget constraints – Central assistance and issues of conflict after bifurcation of the state – management of deficits – – Highlights and Analysis of the current year budget – State finance commission and local finance in Andhra Pradesh

6)  Inclusive Growth: Meaning of inclusion – Causes of exclusion in India – Strategies for and instruments of inclusion : Poverty alleviation and employment , Health and Education, women empowerment, social welfare schemes – Food Security and Public Distribution System –  sustainable  agriculture Integrated Rural developmentregional diversificationPublic and partnership for inclusive growthFinancial inclusion  All Andhra Pradesh government’s current  schemes for inclusive growth  and financial inclusion  –  Public Distribution system and DWCRA


7)  Agricultural Development:

Role of agriculture in economic development – Contribution of to GDP– Issues of finance, production, marketinggreen revolution and changing focus to dryland farming, organic farming and sustainable agriculture minimum support prices agriculture policySwaminathan commissionRainbow revolution –

8)  Agriculture Development in Andhra Pradesh: Contribution to SGDPRegional disparities in irrigation and agricultural developmentchanging cropping patternfocus on horticulture and fisheries and dairyingGovernment schemes to promote agriculture in Andhra Pradesh


9)  Industrial Development and Policy : Role of industrial sector in economic development – Evolution of industrial policy since independence –  Industrial Policy, 1991 and its impact on Indian economyContribution of Public Sector to industrial development in India – impact of liberalization and privatization  and  globalization  on  industrial    development  – Disinvestment and privatization –  – Problems of core industriesMicro, small and medium enterprises, their problems and policy  – industrial sickness and support mechanismManufacturing policy Make-in India – Start up programmeNIMZsSEZs, industrial corridors

10)  Industrial Policy of the AP Government – Incentives to industries – Industrial corridors in and SEZs in Andhra Pradesh – Bottlenecks  for industrial development – Power projects


11) Infrastructure in India: Transport infrastructure : Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways – Major projects of transport infrastructure in IndiaCommunication infrastructure –  Information Technologye-governance –  Digital IndiaEnergy and PowerUrban infrastructuresmart citiesurban environment solid waste management –  Weather forecast and disaster managementIssues of finance, ownership, operation and maintenance of all kinds of infrastructurePublic-private partnership and related issuesPricing of public utilities and government policy – environmental impacts of infrastructure projects

12) Infrastructure Development in Andhra Pradesh – Transport , Energy and ICT infrastructure – Bottlenecks – Government policy – Ongoing projects.

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