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Andhra Pradesh occupies an important position in the fishing sector of India. The State has the longest coastline (982 kms.) spread over eight marine districts next to Gujarat. Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of fishermen villages (408) in the East Coast . It occupies second and third position in the size of fishermen population and number of fish craft and gear respectively. It ranks sixth in fish productions

The fish resource potential in Andhra Pradesh is estimated about 2.92 lakh tonnes per annum. Hence there is ample scope to increase the fish production from all the sources. Besides marine production, inland fisheries have abundant resources potential and there is considerable scope to develop this sector also. The State has big lakes like the fresh water lake at Kolleru and the brackish water lake at Pulicat and rivers like the Godavari and the Krishna. Further, these rivers have large canal net-works and reservoirs.

Group Fishing:

Group fishing is the chief form of production in Andhra Pradesh. It is, locally known as Samudrapu Pedda Ilavala. Since production is a pre-requisite of marketing, a brief account is given below to understand the form of production in the state. In group fishing the quantum of fish production is depending on the means of production used viz., craft and gear. Different types of them are used for different fishing methods. Fishing craft used are of mechanised or non-mechanised types. While the nonmechanised crafts are primitive and conventional country type, the mechanised boats are the improvements over them and specialised introductions. The common non-mechanised crafts used by the fishermen of Andhra Pradesh are the catamarans, masula or stitched boat, kakinada nava, shoe dhonic, dug-out canoe and coracle


Aquaculture refers to commercial farming of seafood such as fish, prawns and crabs. The produce is either sold fresh or in processed form in domestic and export market.  Aqua animals found in India can be divided into two categories: marine animals such as shrimps and crabs and inland fresh water fish including Rohu, Catla, Mrigala, Grass Carp.

Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer and exporter of seafood in the country.  Aquaculture is an attractive opportunity in coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh such  as

Srikakulam, Vizianagaram,Visakhapatnam, Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore and East and West Godavari.

Scheme for Fisheries:

  1. Motorization of Traditional Crafts – (CSS-50: 50):
  • Motorization of traditional crafts by fixing up outboard/in board Motors is taken up
  • To reduce the manual effort to sail the fishing crafts
  • To enable the marine fishermen to venture into new fishing grounds and to return to the landing center in time for marketing the fish.

2.Online registration of marine fishing vessels and Issue of Biometric ID cards- (CSS-100:0)  Government of India has instructed all the maritime states to have uniform  registration and to provide bio-metric ID cards to all sea going fishermen and fishers of coastal villages above the age of 18 years as a part of coastal security

  1. Exemption of Sales Tax on HSD Oil (Normal State Plan scheme)

The Scheme is to meet the expenditure on exemption of Sales Tax on HSD oil used by mechanized and motorized fishing crafts

  1. Construction of Fish Landing Centers – (CSS-75:25)
  • Under the scheme creation of infrastructure facilities at Fish Landing Centers is taken up to provide the basic facilities for fish handling in hygienic conditions
  • It is proposed to construct Mini Fishing Harbours at

1) Uppada in East Godawari

2) Juvvaladinne in Nellore District and

3) Vodarevu in Prakasam District

  1. Maintenance of Shore Stations (Normal State Plan scheme):
  • 12 shore communication stations along 974 kms coastline are operated by the Fisheries Department round the clock, to send two-way communications to the marine fishermen in the sea on weather warnings, potential fishing zones and other related information
  • The amount will be utilized for up-gradation of the facilities and maintenance etc.
  1. Supply of Boats/Nets to Marine fishers: (NSP-FD)

In Andhra Pradesh there are about 1.47 lakh seagoing fishermen and 24,867 fishing vessels Only 1/6th of the fishermen have their own fishing craft. Many cannot afford to have their own fishing crafts mainly due to their poverty In order to help these poor fishers to have a fishing vessel of their own, it is proposed to supply boats and nets to them on subsidized cost








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