Chola architecture represents a high watermark in the evolution of temple architecture. Discuss (100 words) (5 marks) 2013

The Chola temples like Brihadeshwara temple and Gangaikondacholapuram temples took the Dravidian temple architecture to new heights. These temples had huge pyramidical vimanas and massive gopurams. These also had huge thousand pillars mandapas to house devotees. They were linked to wars and battles. They were linked to the greatness and power of the king. They … Read more

Though not very useful from the point of view of a connected political history of South India, the Sangam literature portrays the social and economic conditions of its time with remarkable vividness. Comment. (200 words) (10 marks)

Sangam literature is the Tamil literature composed during the great poetic confluences of ‘Sangams’ during 1-3rd century AD in Tamil land.   Economic significance of Sangam literature It tells us about the brisk Indo Roman trade. It tells us we used to import gold, wine, pottery, slaves and export spices, textiles, silk. It tells us … Read more

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