12.06.18 Andhra Pradesh (APPSC) Daily Current Affairs


  • Kondaveeti Vagu pumping scheme nearing completion


  • For years, Kondaveeti Vagu, a stream from the Kondaveedu Hill Range, has created havoc submerging standing crops in the Tadikonda and the Amaravathi mandals upstream the Prakasam barrage.


  • The quiet flowing drain turns into a ferocious stream when water from medium drains including Ayanna Vagu, Pottela Vagu, Pala Vagu etc, flow into it.


  • As the waters flow dangerously above the numerous causeways on the Amaravathi Road, traffic comes to a standstill on the Guntur-Amaravathi road during severe monsoon.


  • The pumping scheme designed for a discharge of 5,000 cusecs, pump house, pipelines and delivery cistern are in the final stages of completion. We are also building a 133-KV sub station which would be operationalised soon.


  • The modernisation of the Vagu is part of the grand plans of the AP government to build a blue and green city.


  • The CRDA has aimed at having 33% greenery and is planning to convert the entire stream running into a length of 300 km into a water way ideal for cargo transport and beautify the canal bunds with parks and walking tracks.


  • Though various proposals have been forwarded by the Minor Irrigation Department over the years, none could fructify.




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