DMPQ Premium-Asses the role of nayankara system in cementing the vijyanagara empire.

Vijayanagar rulers gave due importance to provincial administration.  The administration which existed in the provinces was called as ‘Nayankara system’. According to the system, all the land were owned by the rulers.  He distributed the lands to his generals.  They functioned under his control and acted as feudal lords.  This administrative system flourished during the period of Vijayanagar rulers.

According to this system, the maintenance of army was entrusted in the hands of Nayaks.  Nayaks maintained a standing army.  The army consisted of the traditional divisions of infantry, cavalry and Elephantry.  They assisted the Vijayanagar rulers with army at the time of external threat.  Particularly, the success and failure of the Vijayanagar ruler depended on the efficiency of the army sent by the Nayaks.  Utilising the army, the Vijayanagar rulers defeated the Muslims in several battles for example, Vijayanagar ruler Krishnadevaraya invaded Raichur fort with the help of Nayak army.

The Nayaks helped the Vijayanagar rulers when they were in distress.  They presented gold ornaments and costly articles as gift to the ruler at the time of temple festivals and birth-day functions of the members of royal family.  They used to present gold coins worth fifteen lakhs Varagans to the Vijayanagar ruler at an ordinary Deepavali function.  They also provided all required commodities needed for the royal family.

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