DMPQ :India is passing through the phase of demographic dividend but at the same time India is also going to face issues of ageing population. In this context discuss the issues attached with the elderly Population.

With increase in the average expectancy age , the issue of elderly population will arise in the near future. The economy has to look into to take care of the elderly population. But there are some issues attached with ageing population:

  1. Lack of uniform and accessible pension system. Premium rates are different and there are multiplicity of pension system. Lack of ignorance and awareness are also  a greater problem.
  2. The joint family system is on decline specially in urban areas. So support system of our social fabric is on decline.
  3. The wages at lower strata are on lower side which are not sufficient enough to make the ends meet.
  4. Lack of organised old age homes and support system from state machinery.
  5. It has been seen that homes occupied by senior citizens and elderly are more vulnerable to theft and murder.

Hence , there is need of coherent and parallel policy to deal with the issues of elderly in India.

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