DMPQ: Discuss the factors associated with tea cultivation.

Tea is an evergreen plant that mainly grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It is thought to have originated in East Asia somewhere between China and Burma. The geographical factors required for Tea cultivation are:

  • Tea grows in a moderately hot and humid climate . Moring fog and low temperature is necessary for the growth of tea plants An ambient temperature within 13°C and 28-32°C is conducive for growth of tea. Temperature above 32°C is unfavourable for optimum photosynthesis.
  • Water is provided by the snow fed rivers and the south west monsoon. Well drained fertile acid soil on high lands with moderate to high rainfall suits tea cultivation.
  • The acidic soil with Ph around 4.5 is most suitable for Tea. Soil has good quantity of phosphorous and potash. The tea is cultivated on sloppy land.
  • Tea leaves involves considerable weight loss . Hence tea processing is done in the estate itself.
  • Since tea is grown on hilly slopes, mechanisation is not possible. Weeding, manure, pruning and plucking is a tedious job and hence need skill and patience . Female labor force is essential.
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