DMPQ: How Tsunami affect the coastal areas?

A tsunami is a wave, or series of waves, caused by the vertical displacement of a column of water. This can be generated by earthquakes below the sea floor and violent volcanic eruptions above it, landslides above or below water or meteorite impacts into the sea.

Effects of Tsunami:

  • Affecting the mangroves, wetlands and basically interdial environments.
  • Affecting the coastal reef. Tsunami in 2004 affected lot of reefs.
  • It bring the invasive species and thus affecting the marine ecosystem in coastal area.
  • It lead to the contamination of soil and water. It increases the salinity of rivers, lakes and the soil profile of coastal areas.
  • It also affect the benthic ecosystem. It also affect the invertebrates who live on the ocean floor.
  • Loss of life.
  • Threat to Public and Private property. Affecting day to day life.
  • It affect the indigenous community and the tribal communities residing in the nearby area.


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