DMPQ- What are the major causes of resource depletion?


With increasing population, demands of the country increase which further results in depletion of resources.



Over-consumption and waste

As the standards of living of people improves, they tend to consume more and waste even more.

Deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems

Forests are cut annually, to make space for multiplexes, residential complexes etc. This not only destroys trees (and wood as a resource) but also destroys home of thousands of species of animals.


Mining of Minerals and Oil-Minerals and metals are in high demand in today’s world. This is a very big problem as ores are being depleted day by day.

Technological and industrial development

Technology advances and so the need of resources increases.

Soil erosion

Because of deforestation, soil erosion takes place. Thus, soil gets devoid of important minerals and resources.

Pollution and contamination of resources

Water pollution, soil pollution is increasing at an alarming rate today due to negligent attitude of people towards the environment. Pollution has a direct effect on contamination of resources available in nature.

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