Tribes of Madhya Pradesh


Tribal population of Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh has the highest population of tribal people in India. Total tribal population in Madhya Pradesh according to 2011 census is 1.53 croresaround 21% of total population. Bhil, Gond, Baiga, Bharia, Kaul are the main tribal groups.

Tribes of Madhya Pradesh:Tribal people in Madhya Pradesh extend from Narmada River to the north and the Godavari River to the south, tribal peoples lives in the slopes of the Vindhya and Satpura mountain range.

According to population following are the largest tribal groups of Madhya Pradesh

Out of the various tribes, 46 tribes are acknowledged by the constitution of India. These are called schedules tribes.

According to he Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders (Amendment) Act, 1976 below are the scheduled tribes of Madhya Pradesh:

  1. Agariya
  2. Andh
  3. Baiga
  4. Bhaina
  5. BhariaBhumia, BhuinharBhumia, Bhumiya, Bharia, Paliha, Pando
  6. Bhattra
  7. Bhil, Bhilala, Barela, Patelia
  8. Bhil Mina
  9. Bhunjia
  10. Biar, Biyar
  11. Binjhwar
  12. Birhul, Birhor
  13. Damor, Damaria
  14. Dhanwar
  15. Gadaba, Gadba
  16. Gond
  17. Halba, Halbi
  18. Kamar
  19. Karku
  20. Kawar, Kanwar, Kaur, Cherwa, Rathia, Tanwar, Chattri
  21. Keer
  22. Khairwar, Kondar
  23. Kharia
  24. Kondh, Khond, Kandh
  25. Kol
  26. Kolam
  27. Korku, Bopchi, Mouasi, Nihal, Nahul, Bondhi, Bondeya
  28. Korwa, Kodaku
  29. Majhi
  30. Majhwar
  31. Mawasi
  32. Mina
  33. Munda
  34. Nagesia, Nagasia
  35. Oraon, Dhanka, Dhangad
  36. Panika
  37. Pao
  38. Pardhan, PathariSaroti
  39. Pardhi
  40. Pardhi
  41. Parja
  42. Sahariya, Saharia, Seharia, Sehria, Sosia, Sor
  43. Saonta, Saunta
  44. Saur
  45. Sawar, Sawara
  46. Sonr




Fig: Tribal population distribution of  Madhya Pradesh


Color Percent of total Population
More than 50%



Vulnerable tribes of Madhya Pradesh:

Vulnerable tribes are the tribes having low development indices. Other features of vulnerable tribes are:

  • practice of hunting and gathering,
  • zero or negative population growth,
  • extremely low level of literacy in comparison with other tribal groups


Bharia, Baiga and Sahariya are the 3 particularly vulnerable tribal group(now it is known as primitive tribal group) in Madhya Pradesh. We will know about these one by one.

Bharias :Bharia speaks Dravidian language and are completely isolated from the outside world. BhariaPeolehave deep knowledge of their forest areas and its various medicinal plants and hurbs.

Baigas: They are well known for their Tattoo tradition. Women of  Baigas are expert in tattooing . Baigas practices shifting cultivation.

Sahariyas: These are very less developed  tribe of Madhya Pradesh which is also found in some areas of  Rajasthan. Sahariyas practices traditional wood gathering and hunting from the forests.


Distribution of these tribes is describedas below:

Bharias->Patalkot in Chhindwara district,

Baigas->Mandla, Dindori, Umaria ,Shahdol, Anoopur and Balaghat districts

Saharias->Gwalior, Datia, Morena, Sheopur, Bhind, Shivpuri districts.



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