DMPQ- . Explain following terms: a) Din-i-illahi b) Dahsala

Din-i-illahi:     Din-i-IIahi proclaimed by Akbar was an order or people with a motto of peace with all (sulehkull), rather than as an eclectic religion. Akbar’s Hindu nobles preferred to remain aloof, with only Birbal consenting to become a member. Raja Todar Mal, Raja Bhagwan Das and Raja Man Singh all declined to associate with it.

Dahsala:      In 1582, Akbar instituted a new system called Dahsala developed by Todarmal and Muzzafar Khan TArbati. It is also called as Zabti system or Todarmal’sBandobast. Under this, the average produce of different crops and their average prices prevailing over the last 10 years were calculated and one-third of the average produce fined in rupees per bigha was demanded as the state’s share. Akbar divided the empire in 12 subas in 1580. The pattern of administration at the capital was repeated in each suba. He also appointed 2 governors in one province. At time of his death, there were 15 subas due to conquest in Deccan.

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